Zayn Malik poses the first song

Zayn Malik poses the first song after his separation from One Direction (Video)
After the separation of the global star Zayn Malik for his singing One Direction, who began his career with them, and continued for a period of 5 years since their discovery in the talent show X Facctor, the public and observers to him asking for the appointment, which will be put where Zayn Malik first songs began, some of them and put the extent not Balgarib to hear that song.
 Zayn Malik surprise the audience his song after less than a week on the separation from the band
 But Zayn Malik surprised everyone by first songs titled I Will not Mind, which put it on YouTube yesterday through their very own Channel, he was everyone knows that Zain is preparing the first step after the One Direction, but no one expected that such a move be quick, and that poses the first songs was less than a week of separation from his team.
Naughty Boy send a message to an audience of One Direction
And put Zayn Malik following link your song on the social networking Twitter site by his own account even surprised his fans and followers to him , as Naughty Boy Link Track posted on Alsaund Claude , so that the message is addressed to the audience One Direction also not only to the public Zayn Malik .
Lewis Naughty Boy is accused of being the cause of the separation of Zayn Malik
The thing that shocked everyone is quarreled each member of the band singing Louis with Naughty Boy through some of the comments on Ngrady Naughty Boy , who charged him with Lewis that is why everything that happened , and it is paying Zayn Malik even separated from the band.
Zayn Malik loses 50 thousand followers to him after his new song
But that surprise were not the best thing he has done Zayn Malik , having put the new song on YouTube began losing many observers his straining the site , so I got that loss to decrease observers including nearly 50 thousand followers , one thing which made Zayn Malik He asks his audience that supported and follow him on YouTube , and that of Halal Commenting on his song on YouTube .

The audience was not happy that the song they wrote commentators that it is impossible to have Zayn Malik had finished that song in less than a week , after separation from the team , and a lot of them think that Zain was working on this song for a long time , ie before separation from the band, and others commented that the song is very ordinary and not distinctive , and they took the words mocked Zayn Malik when he said he wanted to be a regular guy at the age of 22 , and this is what has been reached after he left the band .

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